7 days without him

braylon woke up @ 8:08 and looked all over the house for him. when i said daddy tried to wake him earlier to say good bye, but is on his plane now, his chin started shaking and his big eyes welled up, “but i didn’t get to say good-bye and he’s going to be gone for… 7 days and will never come back!” he thought he’d missed his last & only chance. i reassured him that daddy really did try to wake him before leaving, but it was sooo early…and we were all so sleepy. he would call as soon as the plane landed, and they’d say good bye then. braylon’s tears never did fall, ‘ok’, he mumbled.

i’m happy for my husband, being able to fly to oregon to be in his brother’s wedding, seeing his family & staying with his best friend. yeah, i wish we could all go, but that’s how the cookie crumbles (as jim carrey would say in ‘bruce almighty‘). 7 days isn’t terrible. i just think of one friend who’s husband travels all the time for work, or another ~ who’s husband is being deployed to iraq this month, and it pulls me right out of my self-pity-pit. i’m so thankful we had a last great night (alone) before his trip. went to the ‘alamo drafthouse‘…ate some grub & downed 2 pitchers of diet coke while we watched batman (great action, but such a man-flick! but do not, i plead, do not let your children watch it). it was cold in there, so he cuddled up close to me as we stared intently, shared inside jokes, laughed & at times, flinched in our seats simultaneously. he’s a good man, that ricky.

7 more days…