A Simplicity of Faith

Sunday after we got home form church at The Bridge, we were hangin’ out on the couch and Rick asked Braylon, “Hey, bud, how ’bout you tell Mommy what happened at church today?”  I thought he was referring to how he wanted to give all his quarters (including the ones he took from Angel’s castle-bank) to missions (BGMC). But instead, the conversation continued kinda like this…

“Oh,  I told them I wanted God in  my heart.”

“Really? Why?”

“I was not sure if he was, all the way, so I wanted to make sure.  Walker and his sister helped me pray.”

<proud little smile>

“That’s awesome!”

<awkward silence>

“Yeah. Can you turn the movie back on?”


“come” ~ a poem i wrote today


come, peace

come, fulfillment of souls and stomachs

come, grace

come, love with a vison so bold

come, healing

come, hope in letters to children

come, Jesus

come, voices to stories untold

come, bloggers

come, nets, vaccines and toothpaste Continue reading

comfort zoning, cartoon poetry and a rhythmic charge to reach out

it’s time to help someone. time to open your eyes to a person in need. you can’t keep sitting inside your air conditioned house day after day. search out people who are not in your sphere of influence – burst the sphere, & venture into another demographic, even for a half hour this week. you can do it. that half hour could literally mean the world to someone.

anyone can love someone who loves them. but to show love to someone who you don’t even know – who doesn’t like you – or is in some way different from who you’d normally approach – to show genuine love to someone like this is honorable. it is what each of us ought to do, with compassion and love. Lord knows i need to more.

i came across this artist, peter nevland, a few weeks ago & his animated nature & humor grabbed my att’n. at 1st, i thought he was this crazy, outspoken shaggy-lookin’ guy & almost abandoned. but his content kept me listening…until i appreciated how different he was in his approach to art & poetry. search him on youtube or check out his site. give him a few clicks. you’ll see.

meanwhile, here’s a cartoon video of a more serious piece he wrote {from experience}, about reaching beyond our comfort zones to just be available for anyone in need. so click below, relax & get uncomfortable.