Investing in Someone Else’s Dream

Today I ran into my old boss, friend and musician in the worship team I was a part of years ago; his name is Jerry. As I think back to my 3 years working for him as a dispatcher for a commercial miniblind and drape company,  I recall one main event. Continue reading

Why We’re Moving Back to Oregon

First, a little history about why we moved south: In the late summer of ’07, we were in Medford, praying for employment. Ricky had begun his journey into the world of small home business in web design, but his skills were still developing, and Southern Oregon wasn’t the premier spot to gain steady clientele (or a 9-5 job) at the time. So we just prayed for another means of provision… Continue reading



Married in ’97 – Here’s a list of where we’ve lived since we tied the knot:

Center St. in Beaverton, Foster Ln. in Beaverton, Columbia Dr. in Tualatin, 124th St. in Beaverton, Brookhurst St. in Medford, Devonwood Ct. in Eagle Point,  (Now to Texas!) Kothman Dr. in Hutto, Orgain in Hutto, and now…for #9…_________in Hutto!

Just given our notice that we have till the end of the mo. to move (b/c the owners want to sell it vacant), I’m finding myself on a house-hunt while my boys are in OR with family. I’m only ok with moving again b/c it’s out of our hands, but it doesn’t make any less frustrating. Although I thrive when I stay in one place as long as possible, I have to admit, I’m kinda itchin’ to get out of this lil 1200 sq. ft. all tile/stone floor soundwave amplifying place.  But for Braylon‘s stability’s sake (& proximity to friends), we will not be moving anywhere within our town (God willing) that would force him to attend his 3rd different school in 3 yrs. The least amount of change/adjusting is what we’re goin’ for…so Lord help us! Help us find the perfect home & neighborhood, for the perfect amount of time.

adjusting to change

i’m back for a bit ~ we’re just adjusting this week!

last week was sure a whirlwind, moving ans starting a new job. it feels so strange to be in a home over 25% smaller, knowing we could’ve stayed where we were. but to save money so we’ll be able to get out of debt, have some savings set aside for healthcare & urgent needs, and give more to people or causes…it’s worth it. yeah, it’s cramped, it’s louder without carpet, but it’s freeing…and pretty dang cute!! for now, i’m writing from the hutto public library!…but i’ll post a picture or video as soon as we’re set up with internet again.

bray’s favorite thing about the new house is his clubhouse (really just a shed). i gotta admit, it’s way better to see a happy doggie greet us thru our backyard fence, li’l cottontail bunnies hopping around our green grass & cute geckos scurrying around (rather than seeing florescent parking lights shine over a carwash & fast food place). our new house is quaint & adorable.

big props to my hubs for staying alongside me in this effort to make wiser choices w/how we spend our time & money. oh, yeah – dave ramsey, too. it’s jaw-dropping to see the change in his spending habits from when we first got married. we’ve made some mistakes & some sacrifices too, & thru them, God has given us lots of opportunities to bless people and grow.

i honestly cannot wait to watch him work in our lives even more, now that we’ll have a little extra money from the downsize & our careers. HE’s gettin’ every drop of credit. gotta love him.