what a morning

it’s only 9a.m. and here are a few things that have happened so far ~

Ξ   i woke up to realize that instead of my husband taking my son to school, he had to go to a dentist so I had 15 minutes to get dressed, get him ready & fed and lil angel in the car so he’d be on time. (he was on time)

Ξ   i drive 18 minutes to my bank to deposit 3 checks. i only found one in my purse. the other two i had left in another purse

Ξ   after returning home, angel looked down and pointed to her shoe saying, “eewww”. upon investigating, i find out that since i did’t have time to change her diaper when i got her up, it was leaking down her leg and into her shoe. thank God it wasn’t runny poop.

Ξ   after changing her, i went to check my mail and heard a strange sound from the kitchen. it took me 2 seconds to figure it out – the sound of salt and pepper being poured out all over the kitchen table…and plates…and floor.  ran in and realized my voice – too high and my tolerance – too low

Ξ   as i sweep and dustbust, angel at this point is feeding coins into the puppy crate. i go to empty it into the trash. i guess i was holding it at a wrong angle, cuz the filter fell out right next to the trash…along with all the nasty stuff inside. round two…

Ξ   now off to clean the dog’s diahrreah that’s now crusted onto braylon’s rug


there’s still 3 more hrs of this morning to go. PRAISE THE LORD! I’m gettin’ some patience today.


a new song: storm’s a-brewin’

this one’s for kids (or grown-ups), kinda big-band style. just click here, but come on back when you’re done! storm\’s a-brewin\’

braylon (5) helped me write it earlier this week just after we looked out our kitchen window & noticed the sky was changing fast. it does that a lot ’round these here parts!

oh – a few side notes: he wanted to say that after the line “in the mean time, i’ve got my umbrella” he voted for: “in the mean time, i’m holdin’ on to my fella”. cute, but it sounded a bit co-dependant to me. : ) i ended up with ‘i’m not alone’ cuz it could mean i have my family w/me, or better yet, i’ll always have God by my side. (and…vs.3 i have to give credit to pastor judah smith for inspiration. heard a sermon about change 6 mo. ago & it stuck).

i’m gr8ful for…

…an extra-wonderful 5-yr.old son who welcomes me every time i pick him up from school, w/really wide open arms & sometimes a ‘mommyyyyyy!’ or one of his cute lil ‘point-n-nod’s w/a half-smile as soon as he spots me… followed by ‘where’s my snack?!’

i’m gr8ful for his health, his beautiful brown eyes ~ even when he looks tired, they still have a great shape & color to them ~ for his kind, compassionate heart & his patience.