“Jesus” – a song about seeing my reflection in Living Water


By, Chelan Rene’ Russ


The way I lived last week, even last night

Has not been a reflection of you, Lord

The very things I claim are so important

I’ve put myself above and just ignored


Oh, let everything I do

Let everywhere I go

Let every word I say

Seek your glory and your fame





Oh the power in that name…



Jesus! (Repeat)


The power in my life is seeping out

I’m … finding myself so dry and thirsty

I don’t know what my purpose is; I doubt (but I believe)

The sun came up this morning with new mercies…


So let everything I do

Let everywhere I go

Let every word I say

Scream out your holy name…today!

Here’s my attempt to video this song; I think I tried it a few keys too high 🙂 oh well!


What’s Important to You? Well, Get up and Do it.


Well? What is it?

Then do it.

Who is it?

Then be with that person.

Direct all of your energy into that which you have been gifted, called. Not enough time? That’s crap. You have the same 24 hrs every day as everyone else. Who has more control over your schedule than YOU? Rearrange what you do and who you focus on and how much time you may spend at work or church or wherever you spend too much of it.

Write it out what and who you value the most at this time – and then ask yourself honestly if your time and energy are going toward those things – those people. Then do it again a few months later, and again… let’s humble and search ourselves…and do it!

So again I ask, what’s important to you? Top 5 – or Top 3 things and Top 3 people. Let’s hear ’em…

planning to fail ~ learning an instrument takes some dedication

like a month ago i was complaining to my husband (not a rarity) about how little i actually play my guitar. there it stands in the corner, propped up, black & shiny with old tired strings, just beckoning me. yet i ignore it. ricky told me to be honest with myself. if i really wanted to play more, i’d make the time. every one of us makes the time to accomplish what we value the most. the more value something has to us, the higher it is on our list of priorities. i sat there desperately wanting to defend my desire – my dream to be this “singer/song-writer/guitar player” (which i still have) but could say nothing. when he’s right, i say nothing. i say i still have the dream. but it used to be a goal. but once again, a dream. no determination, no timeline, no plan of discipline or action (ya, ya, fail to plan, plan to fail)…kind of like the dream of a 128 lb., size 6 – me.

he said as an outsider lookin in, it seems i’ve replaced it with other things like scrap booking (doesn’t happen at all anymore) & blogging…(doesn’t happen much) and to which i might add i’m working part time now, focusing on singing in a Christmas band and writing more…i seem to spend a lot of time keeping the puppy trained, quiet & away from angel, & then there’s laundry, cooking, cleaning, playing with my fam…and i can’t forget to mention this beth moore study that’s kicking my butt.

they may all sound like excuses, but they’re just what i find myself doing lately…and there’s no denying it ~ what i choose to do with my every 24-hrs, is what i value the most.

i look at my guitar every day in my rock-n-roll inspired living room & it salutes me ever so patiently. i know my potential is far greater than i can imagine. i promise i will play you more one day, my friend.



so tell me, based on how you allocate your time, what do you value the most right now?

what would you change?

what do you think you should promote from dream to goal & then to reality?

i’ll have religion with a side of guilt, please

last night was good. ricky & i talked and messed around and laughed til like 1am. i got to know him better. i love it when that happens. the next morning’s usually another story, but never told with regret.

we were talking about how God wants to engage with us, in a way. a way foreign to most people. and how people, espec. those like us who grew up in church w/the flanelboard Jesus stories, we don’t really get it. but i think i got a sliver more of it yesterday, if i could share: God isn’t cool with the whole pyramid analogy ~ Jesus 1st, others 2nd, & you last (“J.O.Y.”), a concept i always thought was so noble & humble & tried to achieve, but never could.

He’s not impressed when i goal myself to spend the 1st 20 minutes with him every day for the next week, before anything else. he may smile, but what he really wants Continue reading

a blog break

just a little social experiment i’m doing ~ i’m going to see how differently i prioritize / allocate my time this week without reading or writing posts. they say what you put the most time in is the best indicator of what you value most. if that’s true, then i need to channel every drop of my creative energy & time into my kids, espec. this week.

but when they’re down…(if i’m not) i’ll be one songwritin’, book readin’, guitar playin’, scrap bookin’ fooo!

ps ~ feel free to visit www.braylon.com during this next week for newer pics of our lil family! i’m learning how to create “lightroom” galleries, categorized by the month so i can take over updating the website & get us (and anyone viewing) totally current. yeah for me!!