Braylon’s Mother’s Day Gift

This morning before church as I curled my hair, both kids came barging into the bathroom with their cards and gifts. These are what Braylon gave me.
I like the duct-tape rose VERY much.

Tonight I felt as I often do at the day’s end, like I didn’t spend enough time with my lil man, not enough undivided attention. We’ve seemed to be a bit at odds with each other for a few weeks, attitudes are unpredictable and flair up more often, like an unwelcome infection.

So tonight after he “brush n jammed”, I suggested we sit on the love seat in view of Athena, his Bearded Dragon. He gladly followed me there. We sat hand in hand, and he showed me the book he chose for me to read to (and with) him. It was Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Last Straw. I was happy he chose such a lighthearted, silly thing to read. We giggled and talked about many of the characters’ oddities.

At about 9:16, after I’d gone 16 minutes past my time, I walked him upstairs and tucked him in bed. I asked him what his favorite part of the day was. I thought he might say the “make your own pizza bar” at the Stewarts, watching G-Force at Gamma and PapaBob’s or maybe the donut holes & muffins at church. I thought he may say it was our reading time. But he said without hesitating, “watching the look on your face when I gave you the pen I made you. That was the best.” ❤

Then we prayed together. He prayed for his dad with his new business venture, for me for I5exit's popularity, for Angel to cry less and feel better, and for me and his dad again for wisdom with our money and parenting. And then he thanked God for every person in his whole family. Oh, and added one more thank you: for his iPod.

I just love him.








Playing at the Symphony with Angel, & in the Creek with Braylon

I am so thankful I’ve been able to spend some precious time with my lil ones lately. Week-in-Review! Monday we designated as date night, but not for Ricky & me…we split up with the child we were about to be away from for 8 days (while the boys traveled to the great NW)! So, I took Bray to the creek & (per his request) to Golden Chick where they served the best Diet Coke on tap that I’ve ever tasted Continue reading

romance is…pizza, coffee, music, conversation & memories

can i just say in response to ms. mandy’s post a while back about romance in marriage…that yeah, it’s possible! not convenient a lot of times, but possible! we’re in our 14th yr. of bein’ together and we’re still comin’ up w/new things. course $ helps, but it’s sure not nec. ~ if you have a way to swap kids w/a friend and walk around downtown together holding a coffee in one hand and each other with the other, it’s all good…like ethan hawke says to winona ryder in “reality bites” :

Troy:: See Lainy, this is all we need. A couple of smokes, a cup of coffee, and a little bit of conversation. You and me and five bucks.
Lelaina:: You got it!

case-in-point: my hubs got tickets to a concert (one of our fave artists, marc broussard), but the guy who bought them couldn’t go, so ricky asked me! the night was ours to own. we were just ourselves together. we talked. we got starbucks & new jersey style pizza, we got front row (thanks baby, for being so anal about getting there so dang early!), we got our groove on, we made fools of ourselves, we met cool people, we sang, we shot videos of the concert, we got home late, stayed up even later and slept in til 10.

we got to know each other better that night…and we got some kick-*@%! memories (& a guitar pick) to show for it.

now, c’mon. ain’t that what it’s all about?!


let’s hear some more examples (PG-13) of a romantic night in married life!