sweet surprises from daddy

my husband is a wonderful father…really. i could go on for days, but it’s like 1am, so i’ll just give one recent example. he loves to give surprises:

below is a recording that my handsome, & charming hubby made w/’adobe sound booth’ for my son – well, he took an old recording of me & tweeked it. braylon was sooo excited when rick blurted out how alvin the chipmunk called for him while we were out & got him to record a song over the phone…but not just any song, the lullaby i wrote for him when he was a baby – with bray’s name in it & all.

braylon was seriously ear-to-ear the entire song thru. ricky even printed out a picture of alvin from the internet for the kids to look at while they listened. toward the end, braylon couldn’t contain himself any longer & asked us with a nod, “do u dare me to dance?” & started break-dancing to this lullab, while angel was nearby twirling in circles. i love my family!

my chipmunk lullaby

i’m gr8ful for…

having a kind, fun husband who happens to be the best father in the world, yesterday throwing off all the sheets blankets & pillows off our bed, & throws our kids around the bedroom for an hr. straight, til they just die of laughter …and pushes the blender’s “on” button & cant help but add to the chaos by screaming this insane high-pitched noise until the whole family joins in, all looking at each other & screaming at the top of our lungs