A Braysay…about clouds

Yesterday, we were swimming at Frank & Sherry’s pool with the Reeves while they are here in the Austin area, and Rick threw¬† Bray up in the air. His body was pencil straight and went pretty high! He went down under w/hardly a splash, then popped back up to hear his daddy say, “Whoa, dude! I think you got some clouds on your head with that one!” and Braylon looked at him like he was serious, “For real life? I did?” then he looked up at the clouds as he brushed a few of them off of his wet hair.


It was an eventful, exhausting but very fun day for our lil bray.


…striking a pose for the camera



photos to keep y’all updated

so head over to braylon.com for a bunchanew pix & an entirely new design ricky’s been workin’ on! he rocks. but, there are even more (below) that didn’t get included (from my camera)…enjoy!

austin’s park and pizza, yum-yum cake & gifts (like this spi-dog, spiderman tracing laptop & lilo & stitch 2!)

watermania at frank & sherry’s pool, with ‘gamma’ janis & ‘papa bob’