He’s all you need. Living for him is simpler than you may think. Confess with your mouth & from your heart that you’ve sinned & you need Him to help you live right. Ask Him to forgive you, & trust that He will. As you get to know Him better by reading his Word {the Bible}, and by praying, you’ll notice a change of heart. And of mind!

When you choose to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus, making him more & more the center of your life, you’ll notice your desires changing, in a wonderful way. You’ll notice that as you get closer to Him, He gets closer to you, strengthening you with each step you take in your new walk.

In order to learn more about the Word and get support along the way from other people who love Him, developing relationships at a Bible study, church, or home group can be so beneficial. And serving others, especially people in great need, is so important to do as you learn how to live for Jesus.  Worshiping will bring peace and joy, as you surrender in all kinds of areas. You’ll start wanting to worship by singing to Him, and giving to Him (or the church) some of your finances, talents and time.

The more you seek and get to know Him, the more you trust Him. The more you trust Him, the more you believe all He says in His Word. And the more you believe Him, you find the easier it gets to obey Him, because you know that He simply loves you (as He’s proven by willingly giving up His life) and wants the very best for your life.


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