What To Do With Anger

I was angry about something and ranting just before I went to sleep. The more I talked about what made me mad, the madder I got! I actually put my hot head on my pillow and fell asleep right after that. But the Holy Spirit must have had other plans. I believe it was He who woke me up a half hour later to tell me, that’s not how to deal with anger, as a child of God who is filled with and led by His Spirit. I got this strong impression in my mind, to pray about that issue before going back to sleep.It took longer than I thought it would, for me to humble myself enough to bring it up in prayer out loud to the Lord. Part of me wanted to let my rant be. And be ok with it. Some would call this “venting” (which to me, is usually a prettied-up word for gossiping or sinning in your anger. It’s like “Poopouri” -that sweet-smelling fragrance you spray on poop. Mask it up all you want…it’s still poop).

Well anyway, I was TIRED. I wanted to go back to sleep! 😴 Not the best motivation to pray, I’ll admit. But He knew it’d work.
So I took Ricky’s hand and told him what was going on in my (renewed) mind – the mind of Christ. And I prayed through it for a few minutes.

Praying did two things for me in that moment of anger:

1.) it dug out any prideful, worldly or self-righteous attitude-weeds that were telling me I have the right to express my anger without involving Jesus or inviting him into it to help me deal

2.) it joined me together with my sweetie as we sought the Lord together to ask him to calm my heart and trust him to help me with the root issue of why I was mad, and give me wisdom 

3.) OK…3 things. It put me back to sleep in seconds, like spiritual melatonin!

Thank you Jesus, for leaving your Spirit here with us after you ascended. Thank you for convicting us and helping us process through our anger. We know we can ALWAYS go to you cause you’ve been through it all, + WAY more. You’re so amazing.


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