Family Photos from the Fall 2015




The Gratefulness Shift

It was the year 2001 – one of Rick’s crappiest years ever. He was fired from a job he’d been working for over a year (a while for him); fired because there was missing inventory – an accusation – and a false assumption it was him. His employer eventually confessed, but it was too late. A few months later, he was arrested and jailed for 3 days for possession and distribution of a controlled substance – crimes of which he was not truly guilty. He enrolled in college that fall, but never started. He just didn’t know what he would do with his life. Finding work was impossible.
When Thanksgiving came, and the family decided to go around in a circle and name one thing we were each thankful for, it seemed like a great idea. There’s always the default answers, “family” or “friends”, but when it was Rick’s turn, he didn’t even say, “pass”. It was worse than “pass”. It was his turn and he looked up and said, “Nothing. I’m not thankful for anything.” As his wife of 4 years, I sat there in disbelief, “What?” I thought, and immediately took offense. “My life sucks” he said, and at that, I walked quickly out of the room looking for another room where I could weep. But I wept for him too. Everything shifted and awkward silence gave way to sadness in that living room. His ungratefulness was enough to change the entire holiday that night. 
What did we expect? He was a candid man. It was his first reaction – his gut response to every unjust, humiliating or frustrating event 2001 sprayed in his face. He was trying to live a right life, a life for God, but it was so incredibly difficult.
What does God expect? What does he want from me in the middle of a crazy season, stress, an argument? How does he want me to react? Can I vent my frustration? Should I discipline my child? Should I file a complaint? Cry for a loss? Scream in anger?

But first… It is his desire that I give thanks. 

Even if it makes zero sense. Even if it feels forced at first. The giving of thanks moves unseen obstacles, just as removing a large stone from a riverbed allows the water to flow more freely there. His Spirit is in a way, freer to move and bless the lives of his thankful ones.
Today that same man is a pillar standing tall for the transforming power of Christ. He’s in two men’s groups ~ one for Christian Businessmen and the other a Bible study led by a local district Judge. The same Judge that sentenced him, over 14 years ago. Rick now speaks at churches and prisons and mentors people in “drug court” with a message of hope and potential. He went from a newspaper-thrower to a self-taught entrepreneur with a web design and consulting business, he’s writing his third book and just invented an educational game. Do I need to say it? Gratefulness pours out of him! Every week at his men’s groups, he’s often the first to speak about all God is doing in his life. And it sets the atmosphere.

You know what? The Lord gave me a word in 2005, about Rick. Things at that point were a lot worse, but I remember writing this out in my bathroom. Job 42:12 – “So the Lord blessed Job in the second half of his life even more than in the beginning…” It was not just about Job. It was about my husband. What’s even more exciting to me, is realizing now that the second half of his life has just begun. And I get to be a part of every part of it.

Gratefulness paves a road in our hearts – a road that leads to worship. Worship full of respect and awe puts a huge smile on God’s face. And when he is pleased, his heart is often moved to bless.
So if I’m stuck in a job that is demeaning, demanding or distressing, if I’m feeling small or weak or not enough, if I believe that God is distant, or I’ve lost all control, there is one thing I CAN do. Believe me. It’ll shift the whole atmosphere…
I will give thanks.
“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that can’t be shaken, let’s continue to express our gratitude. With this gratitude, let’s serve in a way that is pleasing to God with respect and awe…”

‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭12:28‬ ‭CEB‬‬
“Give thanks in every situation because this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:18‬ ‭CEB‬‬

Ken from Providence ~ Spirit’s on the Move!

Four days ago, Friday night, Sept.19, 15, Ricky and I had a date night. We drove an hour and 20 minutes to watch a screening of “Holy Ghost Reborn”,  the 5th film in a series of documentaries about the power of the Holy Spirit, directed by Darren Wilson. After the film, Ricky and I stood in line to be prayed over and blessed by the people of the church. My hands were turn upward I was singing in the spirit and I walked through this line with probably 20 people on both our left and right sides…blessing us with short prayers of impartation and kindness.

Two days ago, the Lord gave me an opportunity to pray for a complete stranger in my client’s doctor’s office lobby. He was in terrible back pain. After seeing him wince in pain as he sat down, I felt compassion and a strong urge to pray for him. So after his wife’s appointment was over, I followed the two of them out to the middle lobby and said, “Excuse me…Hi!” They both turned around. “I noticed you seem like you’re in pain. Can you tell me what happened?” After he told me his back pain stemmed from over-compensating for an injury of a 1.5″ tear in his rotator cuff, I said, “this might seem foolish, but would you let me pray for you for that?” They were both shocked but both overjoyed that I even asked. “YES!” So I did, just like how I’ve seen Todd White do it on YouTube videos and others on scenes from many of Darren Wilson’s movies.

Well, it took two prayers, (first it decreased from an 8 to a 5/10, then it was nearly GONE). Ken left that lobby almost completely healed. He bent clear over and touched his toes, with a smile on his face…not a wince. It was more than amazing. They let me take their photo and were talking excitedly as they left. 

THEN, when I got home a few hours later, a woman accidentally dialed my phone number, but I immediately thought – that was no accident. Before she hung up, I asked her if  I could pray for her for anything. And she said, “well…this is quite remarkable.” She had been struggling with back pain too, that came from (of all things) getting down on her knees to pray last week before her Bible Study began. “Isn’t that just like the enemy?” she asked rhetorically. I chuckled. Back pain, huh? It was like the Lord set me up perfectly to tell the story of how Ken was healed just earlier that morning. Her faith was elevated so much, she wanted to test her back out as soon as I was done telling it! But she did let me pray for her, right then, over the phone. Barabara, an old lady who called me “by accident” put her own hand on her back, listened with faith and then put the phone down to check her condition afterward…was completely healed as well. 

Isn’t that just like our God?! Ha! I shared with her Mark 16:16-20 and said you gotta go! You have a story to tell! “I certainly do!!” She exclaimed.

We have the same power and authority to bring healing and wholeness anyone, given to us by Jesus himself. All we have to do is believe it…and risk looking foolish. It’s a small measure of what I believe Revelation speaks of when John wrote on how we overcome: “…and to not love your own lives unto death”. 

One more thing! Here’s a message I just wrote to Ricky about last night when I prayed with Genese downstairs:

“I received a word from God that went along with one Kylie and Genese had, that we would not be ones to allow the premature death of anything – a movement, a dream, a revelation, an implementation of his plan…Because the environment is not nurturing and cultivating that. Let us recognize that we have much ability to control our environment, wherever we step foot, like the womb can be a safe or hostile environment nurturing or aborting the process of establishment, growth, and development. Are we allowing for the miscarriage of God’s directives? The cutting off of what he longs to do? 

Or are we intentionally being and becoming apostolic agents of the change and maturity of His purposes and plans? 

I for one, will not stand by idle in an environment hostile to the intentions of our Faithful and caring God. 

I want to … I will see His plans come to full-term, healthy and filled with joy and promise!”

Provision looks like…

This week, provision looked like:

  • Someone giving us $60 which not only helped pay our unexpected fee for Braylon to attend outdoor school, but it was available on our fridge when we found ourselves overdrawn. It brought us up to a positive balance.
  • When Ricky met a homeless young man, S, and gave him lunch and jacket, and then drove him to a ranch where he thought they’d let him stay, he had S put his bag in the trunk. The next day, Ricky opened his trunk and saw it there, and on top of the clothes in his half-sinched bag lay a satanic bible. He wanted to replace it with a nice real bible. We told some friends, and immediately I had 3 people saying they wanted to help, 2 of which sent cash in the mail for a new leather bible, and Ricky when told some men in his FCCI group about the need, the man sitting next to him took his own new black leather bible, emptied its papers and notes and handed it to Ricky. 

Here. Give him mine.

Last night, when we had $35.69 in our account plus a $20 bill to last us til the 1st, and we went to our beautiful niece’s 12th birthday party at Old Spaghetti Factory, my mom helped us by adding a very cute gift to ours, for her. And THEN, later, my sister paid for our family’s whole portion of the bill, saying she wanted to because of how we help others.God is so generous and so good and so faithful. Even when things are tight, they are never worrisome around here. Our father knows exactly what we need and takes care of us in ways we don’t deserve or expect.


…and that was just this week…

Speakers Unite!            

This weekend I spoke for the first time in about a year and half, as I was asked to train a group of key volunteers that serve the homeless with Night Strike. It went super well.  I feel they’re pretty equipped now (my training went 1:15hr long) to know how to identify sex trafficking victims in the future and they have a good idea of what it is, how it can happen, who the victims, traffickers and buyers are, and how the industry works. So thankful.

Then today, Ricky spoke as a guest at Living Waters Family Fellowship in Blue River, upon request from Doug Fairrington. His 2nd time speaking there this year. It was kinda surreal. God has been moving…and opening all kinds of doors almost immediately after we purpose in our hearts and posture ourselves to be accessible and available to others.

Today Ricky spoke about God doing exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever dream or even imagine. And he had four or five examples – stories – from this year alone, how that verse has rung true for him. Mainly stories of how he has gained respect and position with some influencial governmental leaders in the justice system in the same county where he was convicted of 3 felonies, fifteen years ago.

So excited for what he has in store for us around the corner! Our prayers are big but that’s ok. He’s a BIG God. 

Night Strike training:




Our only Vacation of 2015

We had to squeeze in ONE trip to the beach and had one weekend left to do it before the start of the school year! It was pretty fun and not too spendy. We hit Seaside first, where Braylon tried to feed Dotitos Dynamite chips to the seagulls 😳 and then Cannon Beach where we let the kids get an actual toy from the toy store at SandPiper Square. Braylon pleaded with his dad, “It is sooooo cool!”

I strolled around Dragon Fire Art Gallery and saw what I was looking for: Charity’s glass jewelry, in two areas. Then we stopped by Sleepy Monk Coffee House (it actually was closed – no big surprise – but I got to buy a pound of “Fiddlers Blend” beans! They were medium roasted and smooth – we discovered that night – no wonder that one is their 2nd most popular bean).   We got to see some elk (along with several other wide eyed tourists who held up traffic on the beasts’ account) as we wound up the narrow road to Ecola State Park where the sunset awaited us a half hour later.   

 A wonderful way to finish the eventful day! We hiked up the trail for an even higher view than the one most people see from the wide clearing up there. Not a postcard-esque sunset, but still… so lovely. The kids just loved playing with their new foam-disc frisbee bouncy koosh-ball type toy. I played Bray a game of “frisbee” and then sat with Ricky at a picnic table we’d claimed, enjoying the company of my family I love so much. And the view of God’s world from on high.    

   It was gift upon gift.



“My Armyyyyyy!” he said laughing, as a dozen seagulls started following him and his Doritos. Seaside.

 This seagull seemed to slowly flap his wings and stay in the same place as he checked us out…

Cannon Beach, next to Fultano’s Pizza: 

 I loved these rustic looking steps. The lines, the aged wood, the beautiful decor sitting on top of them. 



Vs1: There’s an outpouring of your Spirit

out of our hearts, out of our homes

An outpouring of your Spirit –

into the streets, into the public places


Vs2: There’s an outpouring of your Spirit

out of the church, out of our songs

An outpouring of your Spirit –

into our work, & into the lowly places


So I will go, go into my world, world

and I will love, love every boy and girl

Yeah, I will go, go into my world, world

and I will pray for FREEDOM every day


Freedom,  Freedom be released

From your Kingdom

 Kingdom be released!


Give me a mind not divided, not distracted

But the mind of Christ

Give me a mind set upon you, set upon truth

The mind of Christ


Vs2: There’s an outpouring of your Spirit

out of the church, out of our songs
An outpouring of your Spirit –
into our work, & into the lowly places

Pre-chorus:  So I will go…

Chorus x2   Freedom…