mid prayer distractions

last night i woke up @ 3am – i’ve been doing that lately – waking up 1-3 x’s/nt; maybe i’m just gettin’ older?!

i’ve been startin to pray more when i wake up & see it’s still the wee hours, at least til i fall back asleep. i figure i might as well do something useful, & we all need prayer but it is so hard for me to stay on track. maybe cause i’m so tired. i don’t get that distracted in my thoughts during the day. or maybe i do & thats why it helps me to speak my prayers {in the shower & car & such}. but like last night, i was immediately into a prayer for some friends who are struggling w/their $ & marriage…and then seriously, it wasn’t 10 seconds into it…& “…money…we get paid tomorrow….i need to get groceries… i’m out of milk…” & then “oh man, sorry Lord. i pray that we are somehow a light to them – that we have fun this weekend havin’ our kids play together @ the art festival in san gabriel park” “…tomorrow is braylon’s field day. i need to remember to get ready earlier & be there by 9…should i bring a sack lunch? what if angel is still sick…i should get out of bed & put a humidifier in her room…” “Lord, heal my baby girl!…”

anyway, the Lord sees my heart, so i think it’s ok to get distracted or fall asleep mid-prayer. i gotta go turn the tv off. i wonder what’s on dr. phil today. i think i’ll take a nap with braylon when he gets home, instead. he’ll be so tired after a hot field day…


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