A Truffle Dinner w/Chocolate, Chipotle, Chicken, Raspberries & Romance

Last night we made a dinner that was a dang-good combo:

I love how Ricky char-grills chicken. He basted this batch with Hot Pepper Raspberry Chipotle Sauce (Robert Rothschild, of Robert’s Reserve). Don’t let the sauce name scare ya…it’s not that hot. But it does have a kick (FYI: all RR sauces & dips are BOGO-free @ HEB right now). We dipped our chicken chunks in it too. For a side, I topped 1/4″ tomato slices w/pesto & cheese. I broiled them til bubbly in the toaster oven.


But here’s the real kicker:

I had a bite of the raspb.-chipotle glazed chicken and then a sip of my MOCHA & it was like they had joined together for a long-awaited romantic rendezvous, doing the exotic “truffle-dance” on my tongue.

Go try it & you shall see. Then report back to me.  😮 )

Oh- I also tried this sauce w/cream cheese, honey-ham & crackers ~ very very good. Thanks, Shelly, for the tip! Next time I’m trying it w/warm Brie.


One thought on “A Truffle Dinner w/Chocolate, Chipotle, Chicken, Raspberries & Romance

  1. Marlena May 20, 2009 / 2:47 pm

    Chelan that sounds soooo good! I’m a raspberry-chipotle sauce LOVER! I’m thinkin bout trying it on some of my seafood…tilapia, catfish, etc. mmm mmm!

    So, I had NO idea it was your birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We’ll have to celebrate soon, k?!


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