Memorial Day Worship Leading

This last weekend was very fun, but a lot of work.
There was some tension on the team, a change in the “pastoral moment” I felt The Lord wanted me to make a few days prior to Sunday, practices (one with no drummer), sheet music copying, and working through an old song that the youngins on the team weren’t too familiar with (Israel H.’s You are Good).

The night before the Sunday I was to lead, the enemy woke me up 2-3 times with ambiguous anxious thoughts that seemed much more crucial in the moment than they were in reality. I rebuked them.

God really came thru. Of course!
He even gave me a fresh word for the team before we practiced Sunday, about how often times God uses people in spite of brokenness or foolishness.

And here are some other humbling little snippets of conversation about the day…





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