Dem Bones

Remember that old Sunday school song, “Dem Bones”?

“The hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone; the thigh bone’s connected to the leg bone…”

That story has always been so intriguing to me! I was curious about the details of it so went to Ezekiel 36 & 37 this week. Some verses that really stood out to me were: 36:37…37:•4 through *7…8 through •9…and *10 through 14.

36:37 is just so encouraging. It’s saying he waits for our prayers. He listens intently. He longs to hear us talk with him, praise him and even ask him for things. He is even ready to say yes to all of the blessings he has promised including in this passage, one of rebuilding.

Then in the chapter following,
I see a pattern. God gives him a vision of a valley filled with dry bones and then tells him to…

SPEAK TO (these bones – vs.4)
So I spoke… (vs.7)
And it was done.

SPEAK TO (the winds – vs.9)
So I spoke…(vs.10)
And it was done.

The first part was about bringing order and wholeness to those who think or have thought themselves “old dry bones” or “all hope is gone” (two phrases found later in the chapter).

The second was about bringing life ~ the wind was God’s breath of life. Followed by a message of reconciliation and restoration in vs.12.

Only when he puts his spirit in us and we receive him (14), we will truly live, return home & know he is the Lord. His spirit within us will confirm to us the fulfilling of his promises. Every last one.

Maybe this word is for you. Maybe it’s for a close friend of yours who is going through a dry season or the death of an important dream they thought God would “come through” on but hasn’t.

Perhaps it’s for someone who doesn’t realize the power in their voice or in speaking into what does not exist, as though it does or it will without a doubt, for he is able.

If he tells you to speak into a bleak situation, ya better believe that when you do, you are clearing and paving a road in the spiritual dimension, for that good thing to be realized in the natural. Believe it.

“…Now Hear the Word of the Lord!”



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