Bill Johnson Conference – Day 1 – Permission to be a Blessed People

Sunday night – day 1 of Bill Johnson at Church of the Hills!

We’ve nvr seen or been to svcs like this before. Sun. night, there was such a sweet spirit of unity in the body of Christ. It began with a call to have ev’one just start laying hands on the person beside you & praying for them – whoa – that set the atmosphere for worship! Then we did many songs, one of which was an original by their pianist – it had these awesome lyrics,

“Do you know how BIG my God is,

Do you know how GREAT my God is?!”

Wooo!  There was so much happening. The place had prob. a thousand people – w/overflow sitting on the floor in the lobby, or the alter-area.

Sunday morning, his message was on how God Wants Cities. That night, Bill taught on how we, as the body need to start being bold enough to Ask for blessing. He had us verbally tell those around us “I give you permission to be blessed!” then had us put our hand over our own hearts and say “I give myself permission to be blessed!” …and to succeed & for provision, to OVERFLOWing. And w/every major point, he either knew, or looked up and read scripture to support it. He specifically prayed for special anointing and blessing over business owners and creative minds that rely on Holy Spirit-planted ideas, to succeed in their business…as well as musicians/song writers  :o)

He & his team prayed for various sicknesses or injuries that many many people raised their hands on for healing…& later, he & his team (about 12 students from the Supernatural School of Ministry birthed out of that church, Bethel – Redding, CA) were lined up on stage. Ea. 1 had a mic & they just went down the line, ea. saying 1-3 infirmities, illnesses, injuries, etc. that the Holy Spirit would give them a Word of Knowledge about, in order that they might be healed. Woah.

We witnessed 5 or 6 people who had metal in their body – & pain or limited movement – be TOTALLY healed, several went up front to testify that they could no longer feel the metal (pins or screws) they used to feel & now have complete range of movement in that area, without pain. One man said a spec. rare kind of cancer, Myeloma (without chemo- gives its victims an avg of 7 mo.s to live & with chemo, 24-30 mo.s). The lady next to us held up her cell & yelled out, “Cell Phone!” I was like, “Ok, her cell phone has Myeloma.”, then Bill goes, “We’ve had numerous occasions where we’ve spoken a Word and the person afflicted does not even have to be present – if you know someone w/that condition, try to reach them by phone, and they can be healed over the phone” and she called her friend who was about ready to go into intensive chemotherapy. I’m going to ask about her tonight. The lady 4 seats down had severe Fibromyalgia & could not contain her excitement She’d let out these yelps of joy – & take her baby’s burpcloth to cover her mouth! It was so funny. Bill called her up to explain why she was so happy & she had JUST been totally healed of her disease. It went on and on, and at the end, he had ev’one who KNEW they’d just been healed, to stand and raise wave hands…and I bet a hundred people did!

After he dismissed, he had his team and the host church’s team be accessible at the front to pray for any other condition or issue not mentioned. That’s when I went up.

I waited in a short line, & then an old man asked me my name and request. I told him Chelan, and I have a form of dermatitis on my head & also need prayer to just RID all fear or spirits of fear from our home (as Braylon has been dealing w/a scary thing he saw in his mirror just hours before that service began… he was very detailed in describing this scary “joker clown” face that frowned when Braylon smiled, and moved his thumb when Bray moved his fingers… & said he was not asleep or dreaming. He was just reading his kids Bible, looked up & saw this image, moving, in his mirror.) – I’ve also been attacked – during the same time he was with the mirror incedent, and in the weee hours nearly nightly for a week, waking up w/pounding & racing heart & fearful thoughts…which would at times make my whole body shake. We are in a battle right now, for there is about to be some major ground taken in the spirit realm, by this Russ family, by the work of the Holy Spirit giving us boldness to witness and live for HIS glory.

This man, (also Bill), told me that he was given an impression of an Indian as I walked toward him for prayer, and asked me if that meant anything to me. I said, yes, I’m 4th generation Cherokee. My great-grandmother (Grampa Ted’s mother) was full-blood. And my name is Indian, for Bubbling, or “Deep Waters”. Bill said that may have a connection to my skin condition, as some Indians would “scalp” their enemies. It’s just an impression, but my dryness & scalp-scaling could very well have something to do with the passing on of the demonic spirit that influenced some Cherokee Indians, generations ago, to scalp their enemies. Since that isn’t practiced anymore, it may have taken this form in me: the very annoying and at times painful condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis. ANYWAY, I just thought that was purdy dang interesting.

He took my hand and w/his other put in on my forehead and He prayed that the living waters of the deep (like my name) be cleansing of this disease. He commanded, and proclaimed healing. Then was given a picture of joy and laughter over Braylon and our home (YEAH!!!!) instead of fear. I have yet to see evidence of the healing of my scalp, but the last 2 nights I slept all night long and Bray never came in scared. He was peacefully asleep. And woke up hugging me and kissed me goodbye. He’s had a much more positive / sweet / smiley and less argumentative way about him. Praise be to God.

I testified this to my friend Candy today, and I believe that my voice and the Spirit of God directing my words will be a major faith-seed planted in her heart, resulting in her and her family receiving Christ and living for him. LET IT BE.



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