I Have No Gift to Bring, Pa rum pa pum pum…

Today is Christmas.  We tried to shy away from giving a lot of presents this yr (not just cause we don’t have a lot to spend, but cause the main focus should be on Jesus, since it is His birthday)…but I think Braylon felt a little left out. I just found him scurrying around Papa Bob & Gramma’s house and our car, looking for something to give them.

He found some gingerbread cookies, a cool rock & some colored paper clips…which he thought was really cool. I found a box for him and he proudly fit all the contents inside, covered them w/tissue paper & then his Daddy provided a pencil & a post-it note in lieu of a Christmas card.

The joy of giving

A heart-felt thank-you

Papa Bob’s Paper Clip “boy-ring”


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