Music, Never Leave Me

Right now it is Lauryn Hill. Stirring my soul.

Yesterday, Maroon 5.  Made me dance in the kitchen.

The day before, Watermark.  Ushered me in to a peaceful place and time, alone with my God.

I must have music as a part of my life. I have to hear it in the car while driving…more often than I have to have a beverage in my right hand. And that’s a lot. I have to have it on in the living room when the TV is not on. Music helps to remind me that there are more songs to be written. The arrangements, styles & experiences out there remind me of the boundless creative reservoir out of which music is born. It helps me to never give up. Music will always be my heart. Not in my heart. It will always be my heart. A key element that makes it keep beating…keep striving…keep believing that I have an irreplaceable purpose in writing and singing and expressing all that God has put inside me.

The week of Christmas, it was Brook Fraser I listened to for a just a few moments. She inspired me to write more, to keep it simple and pure, and to express my ideas with meaning. To write with a global perspective.

Two weeks ago it was Christina Aguilera. I was missing my band from the three years we lived in Austin. She pushed me to keep singing. To try to sing higher, and lower, and with more control. She helped me to keep my focus. And also helped me find my inner-sexiness when I needed to.

A month ago it was Casting Crowns – a Christmas song of theirs that reminded me of the names of God, right when I needed that to hold on to and give me hope.

Music, stay within me.

You help everyone believe me.

Awaken the places

That’ve fallen complacent.

Never leave me, please

Never leave me.



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